-Reservations for Staff-Lead programing, such as Staff-Belays or Belay Lessons, are required and must be booked over the phone.

-How do I know if I need a Staff Belayer or if I need to make a reservation? Just give us a call to ask!

Contact us at (516) 822-7625.

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Upcoming Events

December 8 Russ Clune: The Lifer - Book Signing and Presentation 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Reserve your tickets at the desk or online!

From his Gunks roots to cliffs worldwide, Russ Clune takes us on a close-up journey through the evolution of rock climbing. He introduces us to renowned climbers and shares the camaraderie and lifelong connections forged through these unique experiences.

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December 20 Annual Holiday Potluck 7:00 - Close

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