Youth Groups

Youth groups on Long Island are always searching for various activities that will entertain, teach, and bring together a group of children or teens. Climbing at Island Rock is the perfect place for a youth group event that guarantees your idea of fun will be brought to new heights. Activity-based, interest-based, and religious-based groups all have unforgettable events at Island Rock. Look no further for an awesome activity for your youth group.


Day camps and travel camps from all over Long Island, New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey have been coming to Island Rock for almost two decades giving campers the opportunity to experience rock climbing in a controlled, indoor environment. Campers will have the ability to scale many of the walls in our 14,000 square foot facility keeping them highly entertained.

Option 1: Standard Youth Groups and Camps Package:

  • Two hours of supervised climbing (1 instructor for every 6 guests; when ordering food-1.5 hours of climbing)
  • 8 minimum to reserve
  • Weekday morning times available
  • Deposit required
  • Large Pizza $18
  • No restrictions on outside food or drinks
  • See additional policies at the bottom of this page
  • Non-Profit: $31 per camper
  • For profit: $36.50

Option 2: Belay Lessons and Day Passes

Have your camp counselors learn the necessary knots and belay method so they can hold the ropes for the campers. This is a great option if you are coming to Island Rock many times throughout the summer.

  • Discounted lesson price: $31 per camp counselor
    • All lessons for counselors must be done at least 24 hours prior to the first day the campers will be visiting Island Rock
  • Day pass and harness for campers: $21 per camper
    • 8 minimum

A La Carte Extras

Item Price
Goody Bags $6.50 each
Table Cloths $2.50 each
Balloon Cluster $16.00
Extra Pizza $18.00 per pie