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Please review the following to learn about current rules, restrictions, and COVID-19 protocols and policies.

(Please note that these are subject to change)

Current Covid-19 Rules and Restrictions:

-Reservations for General Climbing Sessions (when a staff member is NOT NEEDED) are no longer required on weekdays BEFORE 5 PM!

-Reservations for ALL facility activities ARE still required during 'Peak Hours' (weekdays AFTER 5 PM and ALL DAY on weekends)

-Reservations for Staff-Lead programing, such as Staff-Belays or Belay Lessons, are still required at ALL timesGeneral Climbing Sessions, where a staff member is not needed, can be booked on our website. Staff Belays or Belay Lessons must be booked over the phone (516) 822-7625. (Make your reservation HERE!)

-Masks covering the mouth and nose must be worn at all times in the facility

-General Climbing Sessions: 2 Hour Climbing Sessions, starting every 30 minutes, can be reserved up to 14 days in advance, with a maximum of 2 reservations held by one person at any time. Sessions can be extended if space remains at the end of your session- speak with us at the front desk to inquire about availability.

-Walk Ins WILL be allowed when space allows. A widget can be found on our website that displays the number of available spaces in real-time! Note: Walk-ins are NOT guaranteed a 2-hour session, preference will be given to prior reservations

-Climbers MUST remain 6' apart at all times

-One rope station must remain empty between parties while climbing to maintain proper social distancing

Facility Restrictions:

Certain facility operations and amenities are currently unavailable. As we continue to learn how to best protect the health of our patrons, we will continue to evaluate our policies and practices.

-Showers are not available (locker rooms are open but restricted to (no more than 3 people at any time)

-Upstairs exercise equipment, including the Moon Board and Campus Board area, is now open but restricted to (no more than 10 people at any time)

-Yoga Classes will be returning in November and will be limited to (no more than 9 people per class)

-Guest Passes are not being offered at this time

-Chalk Bag Rentals are no longer being offered at this time.

Current Covid-19 Cleaning Procedures and Precautions:

We have taken various precautions in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, and most importantly, to protect the health of our patrons.

-Visitors are required to sanitize upon entering the facility and are encouraged to sanitize throughout their visit.

-Masks, covering the nose and mouth, are required for entry and must be worn the entire time you are in the facility.

-All commonly touched surfaces, such as door knobs and handles, railings, counters, faucets, fitness equipment, etc. are being cleaned with CDC approved cleaners multiple times daily

-Sanitization Stations (sanitizing gels, wipes, and spray) are placed throughout the facility (use of hand sanitizer will be required upon entry and encouraged throughout your visit)

-Instructional signs have been posted to promote proper hand-washing techniques, and we ask that all patrons wash their hands before and after climbing

-Signs have been posted asking anyone who is feeling ill to avoid the facility until being cleared by a medical professional to return to public spaces

-Shoe and Harness Rentals will be disinfected and isolated for 72 hours after use.

To Our Members:

Members do not need to take any action at this time, all changes take effect automatically.

-Prepaid Memberships, originally frozen on March 16, will be re-activated on the morning of Monday, July 13

-Automatic-Renewal Memberships, normally billed on the 20th of every month, will be processed again on July 20. Billing cycle will then continue as normal, charged on or around the 20th of every month (note- Members were not charged for the March billing cycle due to closure on March 16)

-Punch Pass Holders, expiration dates will be extended to reflect the amount of time that the facility was closed

We understand that some members may not feel comfortable returning to the facility at this point in time, and we totally understand. Members have the option to continue to freeze their memberships- simply visit the 'Manage Membership' tab submit a request and note that you would like to continue your Membership-Freeze in the comments!

We thank you for helping us keep Island Rock a safe environment, and we wish you the best of health.

Climb on!

Ross Slotnick, General Manager & V.P.