Reach new heights and head to Island Rock in Plainview

If you like adventure and reaching new heights, this is the perfect spot for you. In this week’s Road Trip Close To Home, Shannon Lanier takes you to Island Rock in Plainview.

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Climb to New Heights of Adventure at Island Rock Climbing Gym

PLAINVIEW, New York -- Whether it is your first time facing a climb or learning a new course, Island Rock invites everyone to break a sweat while climbing to new heights.

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News 12 Long Island's Morning Team Gives Rock Climbing a Try

The summer Olympics are just days away and the News 12 Long Island morning team is training by trying one of the games’ newest competitions.

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Telemundo Visits Island Rock

Telemundo visited us and put us on TV! Check out this awesome video they made that aired March 28, 2017! (Credit: Telemundo)

Rock climbing requires practice and technique

Posted by: Tej Parekh
Published : KidsDay July 21, 2017

Once you do get a climb done, it feels great. It feels even better when you have been stuck on it for a while. The experience after you finish the climb is like nothing else routinely done in sports. If you ever see a rock gym, I suggest that you try it out.I like practicing my technique at Island Rock in Plainview, where I like to go two or three times a week. I have actually scaled a real rock wall when I was in Utah.

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Rock climbing competitions inspire me to reach higher

Posted By: Ellie Brown
Published: KidsDay July 21, 2017

I practice twice every week at Island Rock in Plainview. We boulder for competitions. Bouldering means you climb about 15 feet without a harness, but you have someone under you, ready to catch you in case you fall. When you boulder, there are different color routes that you try to climb using only that color.

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Island Rock

Posted by: Nicole DiGiose
Published: Write On February 23, 2013

If you’re up for a challenging and exciting adventure, swing on over to Island Rock, Long Island’s indoor rock climbing facility located in Plainview. No matter your skill level, Island Rock has walls for everyone. Island Rock is a state-of-the-art indoor rock climbing facility designed to imitate the real experience. The facility features 9,000 square feet of climbing, with climbing walls of 30 feet, and there are over 100 routes to journey up.

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Pet Night Newsday Feature

The Island Rock indoor rock climbing facility in Plainview hosted its first "Climb With Your Pet" day, March 5, 2016, allowing climbers to bring their dog, cat, bird or other pet to hang out in the gym or try climbing the walls themselves. (Credit: Newsday / Chuck Fadely)

Climbing the Walls Beats Cabin Fever

Published: New York Times November 20, 2005

LONG ISLAND may lack mountains, but it doesn't lack people with the imagination to create a mountaineering experience. Children and adults who want to climb sheer vertical rock faces and rappel down need go no farther than Plainview, Garden City or Lake Grove to find out what rock climbing is all about. These are three of the best indoor places to climb and soar, offering a multisensory anti-gravity challenge to every flatlander brave enough to take it up.

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The Best Summer Jobs on Long Island

Published: New York Times July 05, 1998

Summer jobs are hot. Economists say that the combination of a strong economy and a shortage of labor has created the best employment market on Long Island in more than 30 years. The ''Now Hiring'' signs in store windows around the Island only tell part of the story. Companies are competing for the next crop of graduates by aggressively pursuing students, hiring them for the summer in hopes of luring them for full-time employment later on.

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