What are routes and why do you climb them?

At Island Rock, our expert group of full time USAC certified route setters understand that a great climb begins with a well-designed, purpose-targeted route. They are avid climbers themselves who draw from their own experiences to map out demanding sequences that are unique, exciting, and accessible to a wide audience with varying needs. Climbers of all skill levels can benefit from the more than 200 routes and boulder problems we have at Island Rock!

What do the different color holds and numbers on the wall mean?

Island Rock uses a monochromatic style of routesetting - the color of the holds signifies a specific route up the wall. Each route that is set is a certain color so climbers know which hand and foot holds they can use to ascend that route. Every route at Island Rock is graded based upon its difficulty.

Route Setting Schedule

Setting Schedule Map

Section Guide: TR = Top Rope Wall; B = Boulder; L = Lead; K = Beginner’s Walls

Week Section(s)
Week 1 TR1, B1
Week 2 TR2, L1
Week 3 TR3, B2
Week 4 TR4, L2
Week 5 TR5, B3
Week 6 TR6, L3
Week 7 TR7, B4
Week 8 B5, L4
Week 9 K1, Maintenance

*Please note that the route schedule is subject to change without notice.